We manufacture and supply a large thermometer range for all sectors, applications, designs and commercial applications select from the options below to identify a thermometer best suited to satisfy your measurement needs.

Dial Thermometers

The thermometers in this section have circular dials and are actuated by a bimetal strip element or liquid filled (some

Thermometers use N2 gas) bourdon tube, linked to the pointer. The following British and European Standard forms

The basis of the design and manufacture of the thermometers and of these guidelines. The standard should also be

the source of reference for additional information:

BS EN 13190 : 2001 Dial Thermometers.

Straight Vertical Thermometers

V-Line Thermometers are primarily used in industrial applications

such as Marine and Heating markets. The durability and vibration-resistance of

the product lends itself to these more robust end uses. The temperature scales

of the product vary from -30°C to 600°C.

We offer a broad selection of temperature ranges in both straight and 90°

angled cases in 110mm, 150mm and 200mm lengths. Additionally, we have a

range of 135°, obtuse angled cases in 150mm and 200mm lengths.

Case materials are Polypropylene (up to 120°C) and Aluminium for higher

ranges. Lens glass offers a clear view of the scale, in both Blue Spirit (up to

300°C) . Pockets are available in Brass and Stainless Steel,

with standard connections as 1/2” BSP, with other threads available on request.

The straight cased V-Lines are fitted with screw-in pockets as standard. Angled

V-Lines are supplied with push-on pockets as standard and tightened with grub screws.


 Black Steel Thermometers BS  EN  13190


Painted Aluminum Straight Vertical Thermometer


Painted Aluminum Straight Vertical Thermometers

Painted Aluminum Straight Vertical Thermometers 


Plastic Thermometers BS EN 13190

Stainless Steel Thermometers BS EN 13190 Direct Mounting Bimetal Mechanism