Lockout Tagout Procedure Form

This document provides an over view of osha s control of hazardous energy standard along with a template for a basic written lockout tagout procedure.

Lockout tagout procedure form. A loto procedure is a formal document detailing all the steps required to establish the lockout. Yes m no m using the assigned lock. Yes m no m the employee has his her own lock s on.

It shall be used to ensure that the machine or equipment is. Save an electronic copy of the approved procedure according to the department specific guidelines. A loto procedure is required for all complex lotos.

Loto procedure development form 2 revision date. Operate equipment controls to verify that the equipment is de energized. Each worker shall have the only key to the lock.

Deenergize equipment and lockout or tagout energy isolating devices. Where a step or section does not apply write n a. 2 nov 18 page 1 of 3.

Yes m no m n a m was the procedure form properly filled out. Basic lockout procedure this is the basic lockout procedure that is provided by osha from 1910 147 appendix a. Yes m no m tag properly filled out and in place.

Contract service and maintenance name of your company and contractors must be aware of their respective lockout tagout procedures before the contractor does onsite work. Lockout and tagout policy for enter company name purpose. This procedure establishes the minimum requirements for the lockout of energy isolating devices whenever maintenance or servicing is done on machines or equipment.

A sample lockout tagout procedure a good lockout tagout procedure at a minimum should contain the following elements. Return completed forms to the department supervisor or manager for review and approval. It is specific both to the equipment or system and to the scope of work.

Pub 3000 chapter 18 work process n addresses loto procedures. Yes m no m key on the employee. All maintenance personnel shall be provided with a good lock.

Energy procedure lockout tagout in accordance with wisconsin safety and professional services chapter sps 332 and osha 29 cfr 1910 147 note. It is very simple but it gives you an idea of what osha is suggesting. Yes m no m were all the energy sources locked out.

Every workplace is unique and.

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