Make Your Own Dress Form

No extra dress forms or body taping is needed for this project.

Make your own dress form. Start by cutting the dress form in half along the first center line used all the way from front to back. I don t know about you but i can t stop thinking about how awesome it would be to fit a muslin on my dress form and know for sure that it will fit the same way on my own body. Un tape the base of the dress form and remove the stuffing and keep those for later.

You can replicate your figure by customizing belly protuberance buttocks shape posture and shoulder slope. Some of the methods are quick and easy whereas others will take more time and patience. Using a store bought dress form is helpful but nothing can beat a custom dress form made to your specific dimensions.

All you need is some brown paper from an office supply store which you can fashion into a papier mâché form. You can cheeply make a stand for your form by using a 2 x 2 attached to a piece of plywood. To make hemming easier for you have the shoulders the same hight as yours then you can hem your own pants dresses and skirts without any hassle at all.

Casting your own dress form is a lot of work but it s a much sturdier and more accurate option than other diy methods like using duct tape. Make a custom size dress form or mannequin easily based on your size. A properly made dress form will be of great use to ensure correct sizing and that adjustments can be made in good faith.

They can be rather expensive particularly the ones that you customise yourself. The pattern is downloadable and comes together perfectly. Now you realize how handy a dress form can be it s time to know how to make your own dress form.

Add arms if you like dress her or use her for help in tailoring your sewing projects. The easiest and cheapest way to make a dress form is this paper tape method. In fact if you have some old dress making books from the 30s you may have even seen this method before it s older than you and me combined.

It is not only cheaper to make a dress form than to buy one but your personalized form will also allow you to get a much more accurate fit. Create a custom pattern with your own exact measurements. I highly recommend making a dress form if you plan on doing any sewing at all.

If you want to sew your own custom dress form from scratch and make a fully pinable mannequin for fashion design and diy sewing watch this video. A dress form or a dressmaker s dummy is a very useful tool for anyone who enjoys sewing. However it s fairly inexpensive to make your own unique dress form that is the same shape as you and won t gum up your pins.

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