Maryland Power Of Attorney Form

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Maryland power of attorney form. Social security number s signature s date. Maryland power of attorney form 548. It is in md code estates trusts title 17.

The maryland legislature passed a power of attorney act in 2010. The act is called the maryland general and limited power of attorney act. The attorney general is the chief legal officer of the state.

The completed maryland form 548 should include all identifying information for the taxpayer including. You need not grant all of the powers listed below. Maryland power of attorney forms let an individual can appoint another to represent his or her best interests as his or her agent in a variety of circumstances and situations.

The maryland limited power of attorney form is used to select a representative to handle a sole financial decision or action. In this form you are the principle and the person you give authority to is called the agent. Part i taxpayer personal information.

Number city state zip code 4. Visit our website at. The agent can do anything with your property that is stated in the power of attorney.

Power of attorney or the agent resigns or is unable to act for you. Power of attorney for business affairs use the maryland power of attorney form to give another person the authority to manage your property while you are still alive. The most common use for the document is to assign an agent to handle a real estate transaction.

Www mva maryland gov vr 470 04 15 when registering and or transferring ownership of a motor vehicle restricted power of attorney to sign for vehicle owner vehicle. These situations can range from general financial matters to more specifically defined or limited purposes. The activity can be anything monetary related and the agent is legally obligated to act in the principal s best interests.

410 768 7000 to speak with a customer agent. Maryland form 548 power of attorney maryland form 548 instructions maryland form 548p reporting agent authorization we will continue to accept a durable power of attorney or any other power of attorney form authorized by maryland law. The attorney general s office has general charge supervision and direction of the legal business of the state acting as legal advisors and representatives of the major agencies various boards commissions officials and institutions of state government.

The act provides two statutory forms that make it easier for people to grant powers to others to act for them on financial and other matters.

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