Massachusetts Power Of Attorney Form

You may file a power of attorney without using form m 2848 but it must contain the same information as form m 2848 would.

Massachusetts power of attorney form. Massachusetts power of attorney forms is a type of legal document that can be used in a variety of situations usually when you are unavailable and need someone to act in your place. Generally a representative having a power of attorney can perform any act that can be performed by the taxpayer unless the taxpayer indicates specific exclusions to these general powers on the form m 2848. This form can be a useful tool for parents who will be away from their children for a significant period of time and need someone to care for their kids.

The massachusetts general power of attorney form is a contract that is used to appoint an attorney in fact to make financial decisions on behalf of the principal. See below regarding third party authorization through masstaxconnect. A massachusetts durable power of attorney form is a document that grants someone the agent the legal authority to act and make decisions for another person the principal in the state of massachusetts.

Use form m 2848 power of attorney and declaration of representative for this purpose if you choose. This type of form can be useful during traumatic or even life threatening medical events as it can be set to remain in effect even if you become incapacitated. Note that form m 2848 does not allow access to a taxpayer s accounts on masstaxconnect.

Power of attorney form m 2848 with a form m 2848 a taxpayer can show the terms of the poa s representation and can name one or more representatives. This arrangement is not affected by any subsequent disability or incapacity of the principal. Massachusetts durable financial power of attorney form can be used to designate someone to handle your financial affairs as well as additional relevant areas of life on your behalf.

The massachusetts durable power of attorney form is used to appoint an attorney in fact to have the full power and rights to handle any type of monetary related action or decision on the principal s behalf.

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