Utah Quit Claim Deed Form

Here describe the premises.

Utah quit claim deed form. Quitclaim deed here insert name grantor of insert place of residence hereby quitclaims to insert name grantee of here insert place of residence for the sum of dollars the following described tract of land in county utah to wit. For its validity it must meet specific requirements. Superseded 5 14 2019 57 1 13 form of quitclaim deed effect.

Utah code page 1. This free deed form is state specific and comes in an easy to understand printable pdf format. It names the buyer and seller the property and any terms interest or conditions conveyed in the transfer of property.

For the preparation of an executable quitclaim deed in utah you need first to download a free utah quitclaim deed form online. Unlike warranty deeds there is no guarantee that the property is free of defects covenants or other issues. A quitclaim deed only transfers the grantor s interests in a piece of real estate.

The deed type is typically used among friends and family due to the liability it poses on the grantee person receiving the property. Utah quit claim deed a quitclaim deed executed in utah must be signed by each grantor involved in the conveyance. In utah a quit claim deed form is authorized by utah code 57 1 13 which provides a suggested vesting language for the vesting paragraph of the quitclaim deed form.

The utah quit claim deed will require several pieces of information to be supplied for its submission to the appropriate county recorder. The legal description of the property names and addresses of the grantor and grantee the monies due to the grantor and the notarized signature of the grantor are the minimum requirements for all counties though some may vary in both the submission requirements and the fees due. 1 a conveyance of land may also be substantially in the following form.

Some laypeople refer to a quit claim deed as a quick claim deed or. Either term is acceptable. A utah quit claim deed is a one 1 page legal form used for transferring interest in a utah based property owned by a grantor from one person or entity to another.

Creating a quitclaim deed in utah. A certificate of acknowledgment proof of execution jurat or other certificate may be required in order to effectively record a quitclaim deed with a county recorder.

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